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Saxony-Anhalt is also battening down its hatches

Since the “flood of the century” in 2002, Saxony-Anhalt has completed a whole range of flood defence measures, especially for upgrading dykes. One weak spot was the Elbtor alongside the River Elbe in Schönebeck.

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure has supplied huge quantities of sheet pile sections, both hot- and cold-rolled, since 2002 for protecting against the floodwaters of the Elbe. The sections were primarily used in urban locations, e.g. Dessau, for permanent flood defences. Nevertheless, there are still gaps when flood levels are excessive, e.g. the Elbtor in Schönebeck, a stone-paved ramp leading down to the River Elbe.The whole area is protected by a conservation order. If the river rises high enough, as was the case in 2002, it can flow through the Elbtor and reach the rest of the town.

To prevent that in the future, in 2010 funds from Germany’s Economic Recovery Package 2 enabled a demountable flood defence scheme to be planned for the Elbtor in Schönebeck. And by the end of September 2010, Jaeger Spezial- & Tiefbau Bernburg, had started work on site. In line with the detailed plans, first of all plain and reinforced concrete foundations had to be built, founded at a depth of 1.50 meters. Taking into account buoyancy, sliding and overturning requirements, this resulted in a really quite massive concrete foundation 1.20 meters wide at the base.