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Special Services

Special requirements and unexpected developments can arise in any project. We offer effective bespoke services to cover all eventualities.

Anchors and fittings

We can supply all the anchor equipment to suit your requirements from one source. The range includes:

  • Anchors and anchor components
  • Anchor connecting elements
  • Walings and waling fixings
  • Sheet pile cappings
  • Recesses, ladders, grab bars
  • Bollards

Knife-edge bearing

This system, with a German national technical approval, transfers static and dynamic vertical loads directly, i.e. without intermediate fittings, from the reinforced concrete support to the sheet pile cross-section.

Signal transmitters

This system helps to prevent declutching in difficult soil conditions. The signal transmitter, fitted securely to the base of the section to be threaded, indicates declutching instantly so that effective measures can be taken in good time.

Vibration measurement

The equipment used to install sheet piles can cause vibrations in the ground. The MÜLLER data collection system MS-DATA is available to monitor vibrations in accordance with DIN 4150. Permanent monitoring of the operating parameters of the vibrator automatically prevents set vibration limits for ground or buildings from being exceeded.