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The keys to success in every project are the right equipment and coordinated technical support. In addition to our products, which customers can either purchase or hire, our portfolio includes a broad variety of services designed to help you get the job done more efficiently.

Technical office

The engineers in our technical office look after every aspect of planning your project, including tendering, structural design and calculations, construction plans, and made-to-measure solutions that meet your individual requirements. We will be happy to offer you alternative, cost-optimized solutions for your project.

Steel sections and anchor equipment

You can purchase our products either new or used – or you can hire them. Our portfolio also includes a range of specialized and other services, such as welded structures and corrosion protection.

  • Sale and hire
  • Design and calculation of projects and project requirements
  • Consultation
  • Corrosion protection
  • Quality assurance
  • Interlock sealing
  • Welded structures
  • Signal transmitters
  • Knife-edge bearings

Pile-driving and extracting machinery, drilling

In addition to the sale, hire, and repair of machinery (new and used), we provide services worldwide performed by our own personnel. Our range includes not only product demonstrations and briefing, but also on-site installation services. In providing these services, our personnel operates various types of equipment used for pile-driving and extracting, pressing, hammering, and drilling.

  • Sale, hire, and repair of machinery
  • Advice on selection and application
  • 24-hour spare parts service for MÜLLER vibrators and KRUPP drills as well as machinery maintenance to extend service life and reduce repair frequency
  • On-site service
  • User training

Trench shoring

We sell and hire trench shoring equipment and associated products as well as temporary steel and plastic site roads (plastic version can optionally include installation service). We also offer our customers project-related, on-site consultation.

  • Hire and sale
  • Installation technicians
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Technical office to optimize or prepare planning
  • Site-related consultation
  • Preparation of verifiable structural requirements
  • Preparation of site-related drawings
  • Installation technicians on construction sites

Scaffolding systems

We provide you with stationary scaffolding, movable scaffolding systems, special-purpose hydraulics, and scaffolding for industrial and custom construction, each as a complete service, including technical processing, installation services, and material hire.

  • Hire and sale
  • Flexible solutions
  • Tailored to suit specific projects
  • Complete, reliable installation services

Special Services

Special requirements and unexpected developments can arise in any project. We offer effective bespoke services to cover all eventualities.

Anchors and fittings

We can supply all the anchor equipment to suit your requirements from one source. The range includes:

  • Anchors and anchor components
  • Anchor connecting elements
  • Walings and waling fixings
  • Sheet pile cappings
  • Recesses, ladders, grab bars
  • Bollards

Knife-edge bearing

This system, with a German national technical approval, transfers static and dynamic vertical loads directly, i.e. without intermediate fittings, from the reinforced concrete support to the sheet pile cross-section.

Signal transmitters

This system helps to prevent declutching in difficult soil conditions. The signal transmitter, fitted securely to the base of the section to be threaded, indicates declutching instantly so that effective measures can be taken in good time.

Vibration measurement

The equipment used to install sheet piles can cause vibrations in the ground. The MÜLLER data collection system MS-DATA is available to monitor vibrations in accordance with DIN 4150. Permanent monitoring of the operating parameters of the vibrator automatically prevents set vibration limits for ground or buildings from being exceeded.

Welded structures

Our plants have been fabricating welded structures from steel piles for many decades. All our sheet piling steel grades are suitable for arc welding in compliance with general welding regulations.

Foundation piles, dolphins plus fittings, box piles, structural piles such as corner and junction piles, piles with impact strengthening, piles with interlocks sealed by welding, and custom piles to suit special requirements are all fabricated to proven quality standards.

Our plants conform to DIN EN 1090 EXC 1-4 and hence comply with all the requirements that must be met by modern welding operations. General and specific quality assurance procedures, e.g. non-destructive weld seam testing, are carried out by an independent institute according to German or, if required, international regulations.

Corrosion protection

Three forms of corrosion protection are available to enhance the durability of sheet piling – and hence increase the chances of success for your project: coating, hot-dip galvanizing and cathodic corrosion protection


The choice of coating system depends on the corrosion loads expected and the design life (see also DIN EN ISO 12944). Owing to the high loads to which steel sheet piling is usually exposed, epoxy resin or polyurethane coatings are normally used. Such coatings are also compatible with the tk interlock sealing system.

Hot-dip galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanizing is another method of corrosion protection and is also compatible with the tk interlock sealing system. It can also be combined with a coating (duplex system) to yield additional benefits. The requirements of DIN EN ISO 1461 must be adhered to.

Cathodic corrosion protection

Corrosion of steel sheet piling below the waterline can be largely eliminated by the use of cathodic corrosion protection. This is particularly recommended in areas where renewing protective coatings or repairing corrosion damage is technically very difficult. These areas must be taken into account in planning.

Steel Grades

The steel grades used for our hot-rolled steel piles comply with EN 10248-1 or JIS 5528.

On request, steels complying with EN 10025 (structural steels), EN 10155 (weather steels) or other standard specifications can also be supplied.

Cold rolled sheet piles are supplied in grade S 355 JR according to EN 10249-1. Higher grades can be manufactured at request.

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