Cost-effective implementation of large widths and depths: e+s linear shoring.

Our e+s linear shoring system is a patented method for trench shoring that is unique worldwide. It offers a large number of possible applications, either as a single-rail or as an overlapping shoring system. Our technical consultation ensures that the most economical product is always used in the most cost-effective combination.

Deep linear shoring

Double slide rail system linear shoring

Double slide rail inner-city shoring

Double slide rail for corner post

Double slide rail system Rollbox shoring

Single slide rail system linear shoring

Single slide rail inner-city shoring

Single slide rail innercity shoring (before 092009)

Single slide rail for corner post

Single slide - X-Rail

Single slide rail system Rollbox shoring

Trench end shoring with sheet piles

Trench end shoring with slide-rail panels

Waler line

Cost-effective laying of cables and pipes: e+s trench boxes.

The e+s trench boxes of the Lightweight (LBR), Medium, and Magnum classes make it possible to lay pipes with unusually large diameters or lengths particularly cost-effectively. Outstanding performance factors are, for example, shoring heights of up to 6 meters, possible trench widths of over 5 meters, and vertical pipe clearances of up to 2.46 meters. The strong strut systems can handle large widths and are compatible with all three box systems.

Lightweight-boxes LBR






Installation window - Trench boxes

Sheet pile element (before 092009)