Mobile: Our temporary bridges

Mobile: Our temporary bridges

In the planning and construction of temporary bridges, thyssenkrupp Infrastructure has unparalleled know-how and decades of experience. Our customers appreciate us as a dependable and professional partner. Since 1991, we have built over 100 temporary bridges for vehicle and pedestrian traffic – with spans up to 80 meters.


For a huge diversity of applications and locations, we offer a variety of solutions for temporary bridges under the röro product name. These include the tried-and-tested SS80 bridge system, the D-bridge, and the SKB bridge from the inventory of Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Our portfolio also includes modular bridge systems in the form of car, cycle and footpath bridges. In the case of applications with a high construction period, the traffic flow can be maintained and it is not necessary to close off the roadways. All common load models and length requirements including approved guidance systems can be mapped.

The precise design is always agreed on in advance in close consultation with the customer. Key factors are the technical and economic issues as well as the client’s special requests. Our cycle and pedestrian bridges can also be composed of trusses. Temporary bridges with spans under 45 meters can also be erected from steel sections. We also of course supply the associated stairways – everything in a package from our extensive rental park.

Top performance

In the case of smaller spans of less than 36 meters, the combinations of trusses for temporary bridges are lifted into place by truck-mounted crane. For greater spans, a launched assembly is employed. And for extreme spans, we offer solutions with auxiliary support from our extensive stocks of stationary scaffolds. Our offering for the customer also extends to intelligent custom solutions, such as pontoon assignments.

Mobile: Our temporary bridges