High-performance: Our Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSSs)

High-performance: Our Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS)

Our expertise in movable scaffolding systems for the construction of bridge superstructures is outstanding. This applies as much to the technology as to the processes. Our customers benefit from in-depth consultations, exceptional equipment, expert service, and constant monitoring of the project on site.


Under the röro brand, we offer a multitude of rentable modular components. These range from auxiliary erection towers and pier scaffolding as heavy-duty towers, bracket, or insert beam solutions, via main girders, and fixed or movable transverse formwork beams to the cantilever suspension configuration. Our solutions provide the highest safety standard on the German market and are always tailored to the specific needs of the project and of the customer. All movable scaffolding components can be used for the construction and dismantling of bridges. Our systems achieve unsupported spans of 68 meters with single-span production and up to 120 meters with segmental construction.

Top performance

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure sets standards in bridge construction. An example of this is the span-by-span demolition of large viaducts on movable scaffolding. We ourselves have developed this innovative demolition method that is employed on solid structures in sensitive areas.

High-performance: Our Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSSs)