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Solutions-oriented: Industrial construction by thyssenkrupp

Solutions-oriented: Industrial construction by thyssenkrupp

Trends in residential and commercial construction have changed. Representative buildings with large atriums and cantilevered sections are currently in fashion. Therefore, during construction, there are heavy sections that need to be supported at great heights. In view of these requirements, the solutions offered by formwork manufacturers are not always financially viable and the use of a heavy-duty scaffolding system is often the better alternative. We specialize in sophisticated residential and commercial construction projects. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions for the specific needs of our customers and to help them implement their projects in every way possible.


We are Germany’s largest scaffolding systems specialists and have a comprehensive stock of materials at our three locations, enabling us to provide our customers with optimal support in completing their projects. Our range not only covers the planning and the provision of services, we also have our own assembly teams, which we can enlarge via subcontractors as required. Moreover, we can collaborate with various formwork manufacturers at any time. Typical applications include: Turbine platforms in power plant construction, facade shorings, commercial building construction, cantilevers in structural engineering, and steel construction supports.

Outstanding performance

With our extensive range of materials we can offer our customers economical solutions, whatever the task at hand. Our type-tested support systems are multifunctionally equipped and flexible to use. Their easy handling means short set-up times, and we also have the right tools to handle requirements over and above the usual load transmission challenges, as we are equipped with an extensive range of hydraulic cylinders, a strand jacking system, and various synchronous hydraulic jacking systems.

Solutions-oriented: Industrial construction by thyssenkrupp
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