Superior: Our hydraulics

Civil engineering, building construction, and industrial construction – our high-performance hydraulic systems of the röro product brand are put to use in all areas. Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise right from the bidding stage. Our customized solutions help them to save time and money. Planning takes place in direct consultation with our clients. Our experienced technicians and fitters are capable of handling several launching and skidding projects at the same time – reliably and on time.


With hydraulic presses of all sizes, thyssenkrupp Infrastructure can move any building structure: from steel structures weighing just a few tons to post-tensioned concrete superstructures weighing several thousand tons. Our equipment ranges from 20 ton lightweight cylinders to over 500 ton presses, and from the 15 ton hollow piston press to over 200 ton strand jacks. In addition, computer-controlled synchronized lifting systems are available that can be combined and synchronized as required.

Top performance

For lifting, lowering, and launching bridge superstructures and structural frames, our customers receive complex solutions from a single source. For example, we often raise bridge structures over freeways, railroad tracks, or waterways to ensure the necessary headroom. We then lower them hydraulically – with millimeter precision. Conversely, before demolishing bridges with low headroom, it is possible to lift out the superstructure hydraulically to make space for support with stationary scaffolds for demolition above moving traffic.

Superior: Our hydraulics