Pile driving

Pile driving

The RTG* pile-driver series includes equipment in various size classes, which cover a broad number of applications when combined with a range of different attachments.

The RG 27 S is at the upper end of the scale. With its rigid fixed leader mast and an installed engine capacity of up to 597 kilowatts, it is capable of performing heavy pile-driving work down to a depth of 27 meters. The RG 14 T, RG 16 T, RG 19 T, and RG 21 models are equipped with a telescopic leader mast. They feature extremely compact transport measurements and short set-up times. The RG 18 S, RG 22 S, and RG 27 S models are equipped with a rigid, one-piece fixed leader mast. Its extremely torsion-resistant design makes it possible to carry out heavy pile-driving work and use drilling techniques that require the mast to transfer exceptionally high torques. All these models are designed for multi-purpose application and feature an excellent weight-performance ratio.

RTG telescopic and fixed leader masts are designed to transfer high tensile and compressive forces and handle torques. Together with their high engine capacities, they can be used as carrier devices for a wide variety of applications. For this reason, all attachments within one series are exchangeable – even within a few minutes when using the ACS quick coupling system. The core function across all models is their ability to vibrate in sheet piles and steel pipes. RTG equipment can also be used for a great many other purposes, such as pressing in sheet piles using a sheet pile press without causing vibrations, for making piles, or for use in various soil mixing processes.


  • High efficiency through effective use of engine capacity (EEP) as well as through optimized hydraulic components – up to 20% less diesel fuel consumption for this reason alone (approx. 1,000 liters per month)
  • Effective noise protection through encapsulating the vibrator housing and the fully automatic, integrated ventilation flaps on the carrier device
  • Leader in compliance with exhaust emission limits (EU level 5)
  • Professional support for the user when working (B-Tronic to record operating and machine data, luxury cab)
  • Excellent occupational safety by largely avoiding manual work on the device, e.g. through the use of the ACS quick coupling system or hydraulic cylinder staking for the patented swiveling mast with up to seven fixing points
  • Patented hydraulic clamping of adjacent telescopic rails on the undercarriage
  • Outstanding mobility due to low transport weight (auxiliary winch with an option to increase or decrease ballast, counterweights with individual weights of 1.8 tonnes and 4.9 tonnes, ACS quick coupling system)

*thyssenkrupp Infrastructure is exclusive dealer for RTG products in Germany, Austria and Denmark.