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Temporary flood protection systems

Inner-city areas, ports and industrial districts, road and rail crossings are just a few examples of places where permanent structures are often a hindrance because they restrict visibility and the movement of traffic. If flooding occurs only occasionally in such places, our demountable flood protection systems can be used instead of the more elaborate, more costly permanent solutions.

Our TKR aluminum stop log system is a temporary measure for such applications. When floods threaten, the stop logs are built up at the designated points. Once the waters have receded, the stop logs are removed and stored for the next time. The flood protection portfolio is complemented by flood gates and doors, stop panel systems and the demountable Aqua-Stop dam system.

We can also supply bespoke flood protection equipment for doors, windows and other openings in buildings.

tk stop log

tk stop log system

Temporary protection:
our tk stop log system

In inner cities, port and industrial zones, and on road and rail crossings, permanently installed structures are often a hindrance. In these applications our tk stop log system can be used as a temporary measure instead of cost-intensive permanent solutions.

The system comprises just a few aluminum elements that can be installed at different heights. More elements can be fitted later to respond flexibly to changing conditions. For special applications we also offer tk glass logs which can be used in combination with our stop log system.

The tk stop log system is approved by the German Technical Inspection Association "TÜV" and has already proved successful as a temporary flood protection measure in numerous applications. It is a modular system and consisting of the following elements: tk stop logs, posts with or without back stays, clamping devices, anchor plates, and bottom seal.

The aluminum sections are currently available in widths of 50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm. Specially developed seals made of EPDM material ensure the system remains watertight.


  • Installation on existing ground and sheet piling structures
  • Protective wall
  • Dike opening
  • Building protection
foundation methods

Foundation methods

Various methods are available for mounting the tk stop log system:

With the anchor plate method, anchor plates are cast in concrete. The posts are connected to the support structure using threaded connections.

Steel sheet piling or concrete structures ensure reliable transfer of forces into the soil and offer secure protection against seepage and erosion.

The water loads on the tk stop logs are transferred to the foundation via posts.

With the sleeve foundation, a system protected by a patented thyssenkrupp Infrastructure design, the post is simply inserted into a sleeve and locked in place by turning a bar. A tensioning bolt ensures firm seating of the seals.


The posts can be made from various aluminum sections, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Their size depends on the expected loads. The post sections have been optimized to make them significantly stronger and lighter while using less material. If required additional backstays can be provided. Wall connection posts can be integrated into the brickwork or bolted on.

Finally, the tk stop logs are stacked into the installed posts. Using steplessly adjustable tensioning devices, they and the bottom seals are pretensioned and secured against upward movement.

An optional hood can be supplied to conceal access to the tensioning and locking devices.

Mobile system storage

Well thought-out:
Our storage systems for demountable barriers

Intelligent storage and logistics plans are essential for fast and reliable deployment of mobile flood protection equipment in an emergency. We offer the following storage systems:

Roll-Off containers

Roll-off containers

Roll-off container vehicles are widely used in municipal services and the building sector. We offer this transport and logistics system for flood protection too. The containers’ interior layout and fittings are based on the equipment to be stored as well as specific customer requirements. On request, we install shelving systems, lockable doors, interior lighting and further accessories.

Mesh box pallets

Mesh box pallets

We supply mesh box pallets in various sizes. They can be stacked two or three high, have removable sidewalls and on request are separately lockable.

Special storage systems

Special storage systems

For special requirements we offer further solutions such as semitrailers, roll containers, standard sea containers, post pallets, and local storage systems.

Our service advantage

Our service advantage

On request our specialists develop optimum storage and logistics solutions taking local conditions into account. Solutions take into account flood defense plans and locally available storage and transport facilities. With corresponding inspection, maintenance and training programs, we can create optimum conditions to ensure constant availability and rapid installation of mobile flood protection equipment.

Spare parts service

Our efficient service system guarantees fast spare parts supplies. On request we can keep a defined range of spare parts available for you.

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