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For specific requirements:
our custom solutions

Flooding causes enormous property damage inside buildings too. A reliable protection system that takes into account the specific requirements of the building is an important preventive measure in all flood-endangered areas.

We offer proven flood protection doors and gates in various styles for watertight closure of openings in buildings and flood protection systems:

  • one and two-leaf doors
  • sliding doors
  • tilting, swivel and miter gates
  • tk stop log and stop panel systems for window and door openings

The materials used are steel or aluminum with various corrosion protection and design possibilities.

Stop panel system

Stop panel system.
Focus on locks and weirs.

Stop panel systemStop panel system

The stop panel system is a special version of the tk aluminum stop log system. Stop panels are fabricated from stop logs and inserted into the support structure as a complete wall panel and then braced for sealing. They are also suitable as inspection closures for locks, weirs and inlets.

Stop panels can also take the form of large-area walls of aluminum or steel and brought from their storage position into their protection position with the lifting gear provided. This allows the panels to be assembled quickly and with little effort.

Stop panel systemStop panel system

Smaller stop panel systems are available in various designs for doors, windows and gateways. These panels are made to measure for the specific opening.

Building protection safeguards assets

Building protection safeguards assets

Building protection safeguards assets.

The door leaves are welded structures with plate thickness and stiffeners designed to match the water pressure. High-quality, extremely weather resistant EPDM rubber is used for the seals. The fastening, sealing and closing systems are proven assemblies from shipbuilding. Here we utilize our long experience in many areas of maritime structures and construction techniques.

In addition to manual operation, electric or hydraulic operators can also be supplied. Door type, design and outer appearance are selected on a project to project basis, allowing us to exactly meet our clients‘ exact needs and wishes.

Pipe needles

Pipe needles

To control water levels and seal off waterways, we supply pipe needles and needle weirs made of steel and aluminum.

Pipe needles.

Fold-up flood protection system

Fold-up flood protection system

Our fold-up TKR flood protection system can be designed as a floor panel suitable for pedestrian and vehicle use, or for other purposes. Without obstructing the view of the sea, it can be converted quickly into a highly efficient barrier against water and debris.

We develop custom solutions in line with local requirements in cooperation with our customers.


  • Custom solutions
  • Temporary increase in flood protection level
  • Construction of new sheet piling solutions
Fold-up flood protection system.
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