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Construction of drilling platform in Caspian Sea

Offshore work in the Yuri Korchagin oil field in Russia

The Yuri Korchagin oil field is located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea. Lukoil wanted to erect an ice-resistant drilling platform there, consisting of two blocks: the production plant and accommodation for personnel. In order to drive in the pipe piles of the foundation, which had an external diameter of 84 inches (2,134 millimeters) and a length of up to 71 meters, our customer needed a high-performance machine with a powerful crane and gripper unit. Only with this equipment was it possible to grip the piles on their sides and hold them while they were aligned – after all, this process calls for strong and stable clamping.

After extensive consulting, we came up with the ideal solution with the customer: they would rent an MS-240 HHF from us along with an MS-A 1150 V power pack. The vibrator was laid on its side at the construction site. The piles were then gripped on the side, straightened up, and then inserted into a “conductor”.

For foundation pipes with a length of up to 71 metres, our client required a powerful device with a high-performance crane and grab unit
The pipes lying on their sides could be gripped with our vibration unit and held during erection without a drop of oil leaking out
All pipes were safely threaded and rammed into the seabed

This drive pipe prevents sliding while the tubular piles are positioned. They were then driven in to a shallow depth with a vibrator at first, and then hammered in using a hydraulic hammer. Several challenges had to be overcome at once during the process: he lubricant could not be permitted to escape the inside of the vibrator, nor could pipes end up sinking into the sea or sliding while being driven due to a handling error.

The work was completed according to plan to the great satisfaction of everyone involved. In a second construction phase he drilling platform was expanded – and once again our MS-240 HHF was on the job.

Facts & Figures

ExecutionGT Corporation/GT Inspect
Equipmentmüller MS-240 HHF with MS-A 1150 V power pack, centrifugal force 5160 kN, eccentric moment 240 kgm
MaterialPipes, length up to 71 meters, external diameter of 84 inches (2,134 mm)