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Levee retrofit in Michelau, Oberfranken

Plans were made to upgrade the existing flood protection measures in the municipality of Michelau to the latest state of the art. The aim was to ensure protection against flooding that statistically occurs once every 100 years.

We delivered the material for the second phase of construction: 675 metric tons of tkL 603 DB steel sheet piling sections, most of them measuring four meters in length. The around 1,250 piles had to be processed precisely according to schedule. Since it is very difficult to deliver such huge amounts on time, about one third of the total quantity was provided as used material. This way delays in rolling the sections could be overcome using a combination of used and new piles.

In total a flood line of about 1,500 meters was created. The construction firm executing the project clad the part of the flood line that was above ground with a screen wall filled with limestone.