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e+s Linearverbau Leipzig

e+s Linear shoring

Sewer modernization in Leipzig, Germany

In summer 2020 construction company REIF Baugesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Schkeuditz, carried out the third phase of a project commissioned by the Leipzig municipal waterworks to modernize the existing combined sewer system. A key element of the project was the construction of a storage sewer with bottom discharge. Contrary to the original plan to secure the excavation with soldier pile walls and cast the sewer in situ as a monolithic concrete structure, the construction partners ultimately decided on a precast concrete design. e+s linear shoring was used for the roughly 13 meter long, 8 meter wide and 8.5 meter deep excavation. This decision paid off, and not just because of the huge dimensions of the excavation: After fitting longitudinal outer waling and bracing the base of the beam pairs, two boogie cars could be removed completely from the shoring. That provided adequate space for the installation of the large precast concrete panels for the storage sewer.

The storage sewer is 9.7 meters long from inlet to outlet, 6.3 meters wide and 4 meters high from the foundation layer to the top of the cover slab. The e+s linear shoring system was able to make full use of its advantages in this project. The system’s design features allow it to be used for even very deep trenches. In addition, the soil outside the excavation remains largely unaffected. Even in the case of construction close to the trench there is very little settlement.

With minor technical additions such as waling, the linear shoring system can also provide huge amounts of workspace to allow the installation of large parts such as large-diameter pipes, tanks, shaft structures or – as in Leipzig – large precast concrete parts. In total four shoring system modules were used to secure the trench on this project.

The civil engineering work was completed on schedule in December 2020. Despite the exceptional conditions such as the depth of the trench, the weight of the precast concrete parts and the size of the pipes, the partners were highly satisfied with the way the job was carried out.

REIF Baugesellschaft
XXL trench: Linear shoring was used to secure the roughly 13 meter long, 8 meter wide and 8.5 meter deep excavation.
REIF Baugesellschaft
Before the wall elements were lifted into place, two boogie cars were removed to create the necessary space.
REIF Baugesellschaft
The rebar protruding from the bottom of the wall panels was used to connect to the base during concreting. 
thyssenkrupp Infrastructure
The external waling beam structure created the stability to allow two boogie cars to be removed. 
thyssenkrupp Infrastructure
The ends of the excavation were shored using trench sheeting supported by so-called waling beams. 
thyssenkrupp Infrastructure
The installation windows allowed the 35 centimeter thick wall elements, which weighed up to 25 tons, to be lifted into the excavation without any problems.