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Side gripper, soldier pile walls

Excavator mounted vibrohammer with side gripper

Space at a premium for extraction of soldier pile walls in Berlin-Pankow

New residential properties have been built on Prenzlauer Promenade in Berlin. The excavation was shored using soldier pile walls, which had to be removed in fall 2020 upon completion of the residential buildings. In particular, the extraction and associated transportation of the I-beams proved very tricky. Access to the site was so narrow that the large excavator was unable to turn to deposit the extracted beams on the waiting truck. As the HEB 400 beams were 10 meters long there was also a risk that they would start swinging when suspended. The initial plan was therefore to flame cut the beams into smaller sections. But müller machinery made it possible to find a significantly more sustainable and lower cost solution.

This demanding job was carried out using a müller MS-6 HFB SG without the need to cut the beams to smaller sizes. The compact, lightweight müller excavator-mounted vibratory hammers can be attached to any standard excavator. The power comes from the on-board hydraulics and the units are controlled by the excavator’s control levers. The side grab is a big advantage, in particular in cramped conditions. It does not have to be placed on driving sections from above but can clamp them and position them from the side. This also avoids any swinging of extracted materials.

On the Prenzlauer Promenade site the side grab gripped the I-beams from the side, extracted them from the soil and laid them between the excavator’s crawlers. The excavator pushed the beams backwards, where they were picked up by another excavator and loaded onto a truck.

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure
Space at premium make it difficult to pull HEB beams
thyssenkrupp Infrastructure
Thanks to the side gripper, the carriers are fixed and do not swing
thyssenkrupp Infrastructure
The carrier is pushed through the side gripper under the excavator and can be picked up from behind and transported away