Shoring Systems (KRINGS)

Parallel shoring 

Heavy-duty yet smooth-running, the high-strength PV (parallel shoring) system simplifies operations by fixing the vertically mobile boogie car at the position required for effective load discharge. The boogie car keeps the slide-rails aligned absolutely parallel and enables the boogie car and the individual panels to slide smoothly with little friction. This principle pays off particularly during removal. The panels can also be withdrawn without difficulty from great depths. The boogie car is available in rectangular and U-versions, with the latter achieving greater vertical clearance and even better structural loading values.

- Low-vibration installation
- Very little impact on the surrounding ground
- No impairment of buildings or traffic flow
- Flexible pipe culvert heights, plenty of work space
- Large widths and depths feasible
- Suitable as formwork for in-situ concrete
- Highly suitable for manholes

Trench boxes

The KRINGS-brand trench boxes are suitable for a wide range of applications. The little KVL steel box for inner-city areas, the sturdy KS 60 for medium-sized inner-city sewer construction projects and the KS 100 for use at greater depths – all these edge-supported shoring systems can be put to varied uses.

By means of an adapter, the struts developed for the KS 60 and KS 100 boxes can be used if necessary on the KVL. The shoring struts are compatible with the box and sprung-socket slide-rail systems.

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