Shoring Systems Emunds+Staudinger 

Linear shoring

Although conditions vary from site to site, the expectations of a shoring system are always high in terms of providing safety, having a minimal impact on the ground outside the shoring, and allowing as much working space as possible. The solution is linear shoring from Emunds+Staudinger.

- Low-vibration installation
- Very little impact on the ground outside the shoring
- No impairment of buildings or traffic flow
- Flexible pipe culvert heights, plenty of working space
- Large widths and depths realizable
- Suitable as formwork for cast-in-situ concrete
- Highly suitable for manholes
- “Open” guidance of the panels prevents them from being jammed with soil
- Shoring panels can be pivoted in from outside

Trench boxes

The trench boxes of the Lightweight (LBR), Medium, and Magnum classes from E+S keep costs under control during the laying of pipes with unusually large diameters or lengths. Outstanding performance factors are shoring heights of up to 6 m, possible trench widths of over 5 m, and vertical pipe clearances of up to 2.46 m. The strut systems are compatible with all three box systems.

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