Special Services

Special requirements and unexpected developments can arise in any project. We offer effective bespoke services to cover all eventualities.

Welded structures

Our workshops have been producing welded steel pile structures for decades. Foundation piles, dolphins with accessories, box piles, structural piles such as corner and junction piles, piles with shock plates, piles with weld-sealed interlocks and special piles for specific requirements are all fabricated to proven quality standards.

Our workshops fully comply with the standards for modern welding operations and conform to DIN EN 1090 Part 1.

Corrosion protection

To enhance the durability of sheet piles and hence increase the success of your project, two forms of corrosion protection are available: coating and hot dip galvanizing.

The choice of coating system depends on expected loading and required service life. To cope with the severe loading to which steel sheet piling is usually exposed, epoxy resin or polyurethane coatings are applied in most cases.

Hot dip coating is another method of corrosion protection. It can also be combined with coatings (duplex system) to yield synergies.

Terms of delivery

Hot-rolled steel piles are supplied in accordance with DIN EN 10248. Cold-rolled steel piles are supplied in steel grade S 275 JR according to DIN EN 10249-1.

Steel grades

The steel grades used for our hot-rolled steel piles comply with DIN EN 10248-1. On request, steels complying with DIN EN 10025 (structural steels), DIN EN 10155 (weather-resistant structural steels) or other standard specifications can also be supplied.

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