Sealing systems

Our steel sheet piling has proven highly effective both in terms of structural strength and sealing properties. It is used with great success in excavations, marine structures, landfill construction and contaminated site remediation.

Depending on the degree of water-tightness required different sealing systems are used:

TK interlock seal system HOESCH

For permanent structures (e.g. flood defense structures) the TK interlock seal System HOESCH is primarily used. It is resistant to the typical materials and liquids encountered in landfills and contaminated sites, and is patent-protected. It features two sealing lips making it doubly secure.

Bituminous interlock sealants

Bituminous interlock sealants are preferred for temporary structures (e.g. excavations) up to a maximum water pressure of 100 kPa. Bituminous materials significantly reduce interlock permeability. Two options are available depending on driving method: SIRO 88 or bitumen grout.

Other sealing methods

Depending on project requirements other sealing methods may be used after the piling is installed. If sealing requirements are modest, it is possible to seal the joints after installation with e.g. wooden wedges (swelling effect) or with rubber or plastic cords. If the interlocks need to be absolutely watertight, welding of the joints is the only answer.

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