Cold-rolled pile sections

Cold-rolled sections are formed from steel sheet in its cold state. Such sections are primarily used in trench shoring and for strengthening dikes because they combine a high structural stiffness with a low weight.

Trench sheeting section

Cold formed sheet piles. Safe - economical - fault tolerant

From the own production of our cold rolling mill in Dessau we are able to supply a range of cold rolled sheet piles and light weight sections which conforms to the actual demands of the market.  As a supplier of services to the construction industry, we ensure solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to your project. Solutions that are characterized by fast, on-time deliveries and trouble-free procedures.

Trench sheeting sections are used to reliably shore trenches, shafts and excavations. They are used when the water tightness of an interlocked section is not necessary. To facilitate repeated driving, the sections display high shape stability. Their special shape makes them easy to install and stack. The sections are made in our cold rolling mill and are stocked in lengths up to 8 m.

Lightweight sections

Lightweight sections are mainly used for trench shoring in inner-city applications and for dike repair. The interlock joint on the lightweight section serves as a reliable hook. The sections are made in lengths of up to 17 m. For structures requiring greater tightness we supply the sections with an interlock filling consisting of a durable plastic bitumen compound.

On request, a HOESCH system interlock seal can also be fitted. The sections undergo material testing and quality inspections in accordance with DIN standards and guarantee safety and reliability combined with optimum drivability.

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