Temporary flood protection systems

Inner-city areas, ports and industrial districts, road and rail crossings are just a few examples of places where permanent structures are often a hindrance because they restrict visibility and the movement of traffic. If flooding occurs only occasionally in such places, our demountable flood protection systems can be used instead of the more elaborate, more costly permanent solutions.

Our TKR aluminum stop log system is a temporary measure for such applications. When floods threaten, the stop logs are built up at the designated points. Once the waters have receded, the stop logs are removed and stored for the next time. The flood protection portfolio is complemented by flood gates and doors, stop panel systems and the demountable Aqua-Stop dam system.

We can also supply bespoke flood protection equipment for doors, windows and other openings in buildings. Our temporary systems are:

TKR aluminum stop log system

The TKR aluminum stop log system consists of just a few aluminum elements that can be assembled to provide protective walls of various heights. The height can be increased later, meaning that it is possible to react flexibly and at short notice to changing conditions. Erection is quickly completed with a small workforce. The easy handling means that such a wall can even be built by unskilled labour. A consistent design form is used for the individual elements so they cannot be assembled incorrectly.

- Mounted on top of sheet piling
- As protective wall
- For closing off dike openings
- For protecting buildings

- Simple design with just a few components
- Robust construction for high reliability
- Easy installation, no special tools necessary
- Long life
- Low maintenance, care and storage requirements
- Optimum storage systems
- Connecting elements made from stainless steel
- Small workforce
- Fast and flexible response times, small workforce
- Does not obstruct traffic or impair the appearance of the surroundings when not in use
- Low capital tie-up and minimum maintenance requirement
- Always ready for use

Fold-up flood protection system

Good ideas are amazingly simple – like the fold-up TKR flood protection system. When not in use it is suitable for foot and vehicular traffic; it can even be used as a bench or serve other purposes. And when floods threaten, it is quickly and easily turned into a highly efficient barrier to protect against water and debris.

- Bespoke solutions
- For raising level of protection at short notice
- Can be combined with new sheet piling measures

- No storage or transportation needed
- Zero-maintenance system
- Can be folded up/down by just one person
- Easily retrofitted to existing systems
- Unobstructed views of the landscape
- Robust, vandal-proof design
- Fast deployment is guaranteed

Stop panel system

Focus on: locks and weirs
Flood protection systems must be versatile. They have to satisfy many demands. Every application has different priorities. We are constantly developing new, tailored solutions to take into account local needs and economic aspects.

One special version of the TKR aluminum stop log system is the stop panel system. These panels are ideal for closing off locks, weirs and intakes for inspection purposes.

We can supply steel and aluminum needles for dams and weirs in various forms to regulate water levels and close off watercourses.

Protection for buildings, gates and doors

Keeping property safe and sound
Flooding also causes enormous damage inside buildings. A fully functioning protective system that takes into account the specific requirements of the building exactly is therefore an important preventive measure in all areas at risk of flooding.

We can supply tried-and-tested flood door and gate systems in various styles to ensure that openings in buildings and flood protection systems are closed off watertight:

- Single- and double-leaf doors
- Sliding gates
- Flap, side-hung and mitre gates
- TKR aluminum stop log and stop panel systems for window and door openings

The materials used are steel and aluminum, available in various grades and with different corrosion protection and design options.

Aqua-Stop dam system

The Aqua-Stop dam system is a temporary barrier designed in such a way that it can be set up very quickly when floods threaten. Two people can set up 100 metres of Aqua-Stop dam in 90 minutes without the need for a crane. The logistics are helped by the fact that the dam elements are easy to transport and require little storage space.

The Aqua-Stop dam system consists of a high-strength frame, especially lightweight sheeting and the necessary fixings.

- Fast protection for buildings
- Barriers
- Protection for building sites
- Readily combined with sandbags

- Fast and easy to use, no equipment needed
- No need to prepare the line of the barrier first
- Flexible, reusable
- Resists UV radiation and impacts, vandal-proof, does not rot
- Easy to clean, easy transport
- Space-saving storage

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