Permanent flood protection systems

Natural protection against the risks of flooding is seldom adequate. Therefore, diverse permanent civil engineering measures, e.g. dikes, reinforced banks, walls, water retention basins and the raising of dikes and banks, have been implemented over the years. These permanent flood protection systems are fixed parts of the infrastructure. They have a permanent effect on the appearance of landscapes and townscapes. The enormous costs of such major projects call for convincing proof of their reliability, but primarily economically justifiable planning concepts. Owing to their cost-effectiveness and versatility, steel sheet piles from thyssenkrupp Infrastructure have proved to be an ideal answer in many projects worldwide.

Where visual and aesthetic requirements are important, e.g. in holiday resorts or recreational areas, our glass wall systems are a good choice. They are ideal for guaranteeing permanent protection against floods without obscuring the view of the landscape or other
attractions. Our permanent systems are:

Steel sheet piles

Dikes are subjected to enormous loads during flooding. They are often no longer capable of resisting such loads reliably because the increasing regularity of flood disasters was not foreseen by their builders. Steel sheet piling represents an efficient, cost-effective solution in such situations because sheet piles can be quickly and easily installed in both existing and new dikes. They stabilize the dike, seal it and increase its loadbearing capacity.

- New dikes
- Refurbishment of existing dikes
- Raising dikes
- As a foundation for other flood protection measures such as glass walls or demountable systems

- Accommodates all the static and dynamic forces imposed by floodwaters
- Guarantees the stability of a dike even if most of the dike on the water side is to be removed.
- No percolation or undermining
- Staggered embedment depths or slits in the sheet piles guarantee a balanced water table on both sides of the dike
- Sheet piles are so elastic that they can accommodate the movements of the soil without damage
- Hydraulic engineering works such as dike openings, sluices, pumping stations and barrages can be integrated seamlessly with sheet piling solutions
- Sheet piling can project above the top of a dike and hence increase the protection offered by an existing dike
- The economic alternative to a new dike
- Can be removed without residue and 100% recycled

TKR glass wall system

Unbreakable glass wall systems made from laminated safety glass represent functional and at the same time elegant solutions for protecting against floods. Mounted on top of masonry, concrete capping beams or sheet piling, they are ideal for permanent protection.

This system provides ideal protection for highly endangered areas of town and city centers, without changing the cross-section of the dike. The glass wall system is a perfect way of protecting town and city centers from flooding and can also be used as protection from wind and noise. The system can be directly mounted on sheet piling structures, brickwork, or concrete capping beams.

- As an alternative to obtrusive masonry when more daylight is required
- Tourist areas, e.g. along terraces, viewing platforms, etc.
- Areas inaccessible for erecting demountable systems
- Locations with a very short warning time that does not allow the erection of a demountable system or this is deemed too risky
- Public areas with high architectural and urban planning demands

- Aesthetically appealing flood protection, especially in heavily built-up areas
- High level of safety in the event of sudden flooding
- Blends in well with the architecture of the surroundings
- Also forms a barrier to wind and noise
- Does not obstruct the view
- High resistance to corrosion and weathering
- Diverse design options
- Ozone-resistant EPDM seals
- Demountable systems on request

Sheet piling modules

The basic sheet pile wall secures and protects the dike up to the dike top.

When floods threaten, a modular dike-top system consisting of four sheet pile sections, a U profile and seals are placed onto a beam on the sheet pile wall and connected with locking devices.

This simple and water-tight structure, which can be extended horizontally for any distance, can be used to raise the dike top by around 1.00 m.

- Protection for homes and businesses
- Densely populated districts
- Raising dikes
- Dike openings

- Economic fabrication from sheet piles
- Stable and reliable
- Supplied ready to install
- Fast and safe installation and removal
- Long life and low maintenance requirements
- Low capital costs
- Low maintenance costs

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