Temporary Bridges

Temporary bridges from thyssenkrupp Infrastructure are versatile. The SS 80 and D-Bridge fixed bridge systems from the stock of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBW), as well as foot and cycle bridges, enable safe bypass of bridges undergoing renewal or refurbishment. In addition, substructures of insufficient strength can be bridged and auxiliary routes can be created for local public transit in the event of construction measures that impede traffic.

SS 80 bridge system

The SS 80 rigid bridge system, featuring steel framework made from standardized construction elements and assembled using bolted connections, is particularly suitable for cantilevered construction on the system’s roller beds. The maximum span is 80.5 m. Thanks to hydraulic drive technology, the system can be shifted evenly and smoothly in roller feed assembly with a front beak over the traffic flow below.

The SS 80 bridge was developed for the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBW). The Ministry provides the system upon application.


In its significant construction elements, the D-Bridge consists of triangular frames and chord members, also assembled using bolted connections. Depending on requirements, different single or two-lane designs are possible – from a single-wall, single-storeyed design, to a double-wall design with a third chord and a reinforcing chord, to a complete two-storeyed version. Footways with a width of 1.5 m can be attached to the main supporting walls.

The D-Bridge can also be set up using roller feed erection with a front carriage or cantilevered construction. Spans of up to approx. 60 m are possible. For erections during closures, for example, thyssenkrupp Infrastructure provides pre-assembled main supporting walls up to 27.45 m from the bridge bearing. Roller feed assembly is implemented using the system’s own roller beds.

Cycle and pedestrian bridges

The canal-profile-shaped cycle and pedestrian bridges are made from thyssenkrupp 33 scaffolding trusses. They span up to 40 m. The base and side walls are designed and clad with conventional construction materials. Bridges with spans of up to 20 m are set up using HEB steel profiles. The balustrades are made from scaffold tubes and couplings. The side cladding is usually made from pine sheeting.

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