Movable Scaffolding Systems

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure offers a wide range of high-performance Movable Scaffolding Systems for the construction of bridge superstructures. Full span method comes up to 68 m span length and segmental construction up to 120 m.

Movable Scaffolding System (MSS technology) per mits full span concrete construction of cast-in-place superstructures for long and high bridges without intermediate supports between piers. Its application helps to reduce efforts for handling on-site and shorten cycle times by shifting the complete formwork including its falsework construction to the next span. In the case of extreme pier heights or particularly unfavorable ground conditions, MSS can be supported by on-board pier brackets, which are transferred to the next bridge section during the advancing process. This way, there is no expenditure on cranes for moving the pier support construction.

With Movable Scaffolding System technology, individual and costeffective solutions tailored to the needs of the customer can be realized. The product name RöRo stands for quality: This applies as much to the process as to the equipment employed. The client benefits from expertise, advice, equipment, technical service

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