Custom Construction

Airport technology, tower structures, suspended scaffolding or custom structures – individuality, long service life, and cost-effectiveness are the hallmarks of custom construction by thyssenkrupp Infrastructure.

Whether it’s mobile and elevating maintenance platforms for different aircraft types, tower structures for the latest generation of 3D radar antennas, or lightweight suspended scaffolding: we develop tailor-made custom construction solutions for different requirements in cooperation with our customers. The concepts can be implemented individually and economically using flexible, modular systems – in Germany, in Europe, and worldwide.

Airport technology

The basic structure consists of the aluminum Rüstfix SR75 system, which was originally used in mobile scaffolding. The range of applications for the system is virtually unlimited. Thanks to the system’s modular construction, existing dock installations can be upgraded and converted at any time. Individual constructions such as changing the height of a complete facility or adapting its contours using moveable covers with impact protection for the aircraft skin are also possible.

Uniform dimensions and the grid accuracy of the individual components enable subsequent height increases, conversion or adaptation of existing facilities. Due to the lightweight aluminum construction, the systems can be shifted and adjusted quickly and easily.

Tower structures

A standardized four-column lattice tower with a 3 m x 3 m footprint is the basis for the tower structure. Individual sections of 2 m or 3 m are possible. The range of equipment is completed with stairways and half-landings. Hot-dip galvanizing protects the components against corrosion.

The structure is versatile in application and can be used as a radar mast, climbing scaffold, fire lookout, or observation tower. Custom structures are also possible upon request. The uniform dimensions and grid accu-racy of the individual components enable subsequent extension or conversion without reinforcement of the overall system, which was originally used in heavy-duty shoring construction and is therefore particularly suitable for high loads.

Suspended scaffolding

The mobile suspended scaffolding Rüstfix SR75 consists of aluminum with aluminum frame panel facings. It can be used as suspended scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, or an event stage. The basic system can be individually extended and is cost-effective in use thanks to its fast and easy erection.

Custom structures

The Modex modular scaffolding system is intended for the construction of escape stairs, theater stages, working platforms and mobile or static scaffolding. The variable system, which is fitted with anti-slip, seamless perforated plates, can also support heavy loads without difficulty.

An S50 shoring structure and the Bosta 70 facade scaffold are the ideal combination for construction of a test platform for a large facade hoist system. Support loads of up to 250 tons are possible using the S250 version. These support systems are therefore ideal for heavy-duty shoring and as auxiliary structures for building refurbishment. If required, the heavy-duty systems can be combined with hydraulics.

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