Pressing equipment

This method involves exerting an exclusively static pressure on the pile section without any vibration. The noise associated with driving piles and the negative effects of vibration for neighbouring buildings and the ground are therefore avoided. Pressing equipment can be leader-guided or mounted directly on top of the sheet piles.


The vibrations and noise of a building site are becoming a problem in more and more locations. Conventional methods of driving cannot always comply with the demands.So a special method of installing piles is needed. Pile-supported pressing solves this challenge, and the GIKEN Silent Piler was developed to meet that challenge. It is an efficient driving system that works with little noise and no vibrations, and at the same time achieves optimum results in the most diverse subsoil and site conditions.Applications- Installation and extraction of single U-sections up to 750 mm, single Z-sections up to 708 mm and tubular piles- Installation and extraction of double U-sections up to 1400 mm and double Z-sections up to 1416 mm- For sites where noise and vibration could be a problem- Also suitable for difficult soil conditions when used in conjunction with appropriate driving aids (super crush and water-jetting modes)

- Low noise, no vibrations
- No ground settlement problems, no damage to nearby structures
- Can be used for night-time operations or in areas where noise must be minimized
- Stable machine design
- Remote control for safe, convenient operations
- No working platform necessary
- Simple operating principle with self-propelled travel
- Requires only a small workforce
- Faster operations with little effort

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