Leader-mounted equipment

tk TL 18

Great mobility and flexibility – suitable for heaviest work.

The tk TL 18 is an innovative telescopic leader that is ideal for pile-driving, extracting and drilling work in foundation engineering. The machine features a high degree of mobility and flexibility, is suitable for very heavy-duty work and quickly ready to deploy, as the time needed for setting up and dismantling has been reduced to a minimum.

Its telescopic mast makes it far easier to transport and maneuver the machine in tight spaces.

Convincing characteristics
- Telescopic leader has a maximum mast height of 22.9 m and up to 18 m of stroke
- Option to log and record all required operating and production data
- Uses variable MÜLLER vibrators
- Stable leader profile for high torque absorption when using drill drives
- Its innovative kinematics enable the leader for work on sites that are difficult to access
- Programming of various processes ensures a maximum of operating safety and prevents operating errors
- All of the machine’s movements and working steps are monitored electronically

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