Impact driving

Impact driving methods can be used in almost every type of soil. However, these methods are particularly suitable for driving the final few metres or for embedding piles in a loadbearing stratum when vibratory or pressing methods are ineffective. Impact driving allows the loadbearing capacity of the pile section to be verified.

Diesel hammers

The hydraulic free-fall hammer shows a powerful impact behavior with optimum sound insulation. A long service life is guaranteed due to the shape of the impact surface. It is driven either directly by the carrier or using a separate group with open circuit.

- Foundation work, like e.g. driving of steel sections and prefabricated concrete piles
- Integration of pile elements in bearing layers
- Used to determine the bearing capacity of driven piles

- High drop body weight at low total weight
- Powerful impact behavior
- Different drop body weights within the series
- Compact design
- Easy maintenance
- Control unit to control number of blows and striking energy

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