No two sites are the same – which means advanced equipment matching the job is required. Our anchor and geothermal drilling equipment, hammer drills as well as double-head drilling rigs are available in a variety of versions. Each machine meets the highest demands on power, precision, quality and safety.

Drilling equipment

Drilling equipment with grouting station gained acceptance for tasks as foundation, stabilization, reconditioning and rehabilitation. Slide wagon drills and anchor drilling equipment is mainly used for this tasks.

- Foundation
- Stabilization
- Reconditioning
- Rehabilitation tasks

- Compact and sturdy design
- Optimum kinematics at low total weight
- Pendulum chassis automatically compensates unevenness of the terrain in driving mode
- Ergonomic control panel
- Integration of all hydraulic functions at the operating stand
- Ideal for cramped conditions and most difficult geologies
- Avoidance of field damage by means of covers

KRUPP Hydraulic hammer drills

Thanks to our extensive product range we can provide a solution for nearly every conceivable drilling task. Our worldwide cooperation with all leading manufacturers of drilling equipment ensures that KRUPP drilling drives can
be installed on all common carriers without difficulties.

- Overburden drilling
- Drive drilling
- Anchoring

- Installation on all common carriers
- Extremely small housing
- Easier extraction due to the damping device
- Optional: electric, hydraulic or manual shifting at drill head and percussion
- Optional: external flushing head

KRUPP double-head drilling systems and drilling rigs for geothermal drilling

Outstanding drilling technology is required when it comes to extracting geothermal energy. Our drilling equipment is specially designed for this application and meets the most stringent requirements in terms of efficiency, precision, quality, and safety.

- Geothermal drilling using the double-head drilling technique in confined spaces
- Appropriate for the most difficult geologies

- Risk-free heat exchanger installation by driving the casing down to the final depth (ensured by high torque of up to 48,000 Nm)
- Controlled discharge of cuttings via the limited annular space between the outer and inner rods and optimized blowout prevention equipment
- Guaranteed heat exchanger verticality due to spot-on precision drilling with counter-rotating inner and outer rods
- Optimal adaptation of the drill system to the geology due to the leading or trailing of the inner crown in relation to the outer crown (400 mm relative displacement of the two drill gears)
- Drilling possible in any geological conditions thanks to the inclusion of the double-head drilling system in the rig's basic equipment
- Thread-saving insertion and removal of the drilling rods via the new floating shaft integrated in the drilling rig
- Safe removal of the protective casing by means of drill carriage with a pulling force of up to 400 kN
- Avoidance of field damage by using rubber shoes on the crawler tracks
- Optimum handling of the machine by means of remote control
- Two persons required for operation

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